Register to InnovationsForum and participate in dialogue about innovation, get to know newest technology trends& cooperate with GE Deutschland!

As you know we are developing an online marketing strategy for GE Innovations Forum. So, what is it all about?

GE has stepped on a path of open innovation and created a platform where it can establish dialogue with its customers. Here they can share and exchange ideas in various fields, be that medicine, transport, energy or industrial development. Users also get instant access to videos on cutting edge technology and inventions, as well as interviews with GE team members.

Remember, you can narrow down the information shown by selecting particular fields that are of interest to you.Anyone can contribute: scientists, engineers and people interested in innovation. After a short registration procedure, a dashboard appears where you can post your own ideas and comment on other people’s. This also allows you to communicate with a GE specialist mentoring the segment, so a bright mind can get in touch with an experienced professional and receive feedback from users just like them, develop and work on ideas together and learn from others. All in all, GE Innovations Forum is a vehicle for presenting transparent information on GE developments, helping establish dialogue with GE specialists and offering a platform for further project collaboration on new ideas generated by you!



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