Let’s talk about innovations(forum)!

 Hello everybody!

It’s been a long time,since you haven’t heard from us, right? Well, we’ve been working very hard lately, making our life even less interesting.

Today, I would like to share with You the mystery, about what happened last week with our team 🙂 The 11th of December was definitely a very important day for our project. We’ve met up for Design Thinking workshop!

Design? Thinking? Workshop? Eeeeee?

Design thinking is a human-centered approach to innovation that draws from the designer’s toolkit to integrate the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success.” —Tim Brown, president and CEO of IDEO read more

Since our project aim is to actually to promote InnovationsForumwe’ve thought that working on it, using innovative spproach would can lead us even further.

Some of our team members like Jonas (who actually studies Design Thinking at HPI Institute) and me (Anna:) have already some experience with that method, we agreed that it would be interesting to implement it in our project.
Two weeks ago, we have distributed the research tasks, developed action plan and found the date of our workshop.
The day has come.
We’ve met at 3.30 at the University ready to work.
Before we have started the design thinking process, we went through team building.
We are very diverse team (everybody comes from different country and backgrounds) therefore we believe that it was essential to get to know each other better in order to avoid any superficial conflicts or barriers from beginning on.
Our 1st task was to pass the object within the circle without the usage of our hands. Sounds easy? We we can tell you now, it isn’t!
Since it’s already winter, we all had slippery jumpers on us and without help of breasts (yeah we have  male majority)  it was extremely hard to pass it around the circle. Nevertheless, we have managed it as a team 🙂 During hot seat exercise, we had a chance to brake all superficial opinions that got stacked in our heads. Afterwards, we went through the expectation check and developed the rules for the team work that everybody singed (and hopefully will take seriously:).

Design Thinking Process:

Step 1 Understanding

The aim of the understanding phase is that every team member has the same understanding of the task, knows who is the audience,  as well as what are key challenges.

Step 2 Observation

The specifics of what we’ve discussed are kind of “secret”, but sooner  or later You will see that it was worth waiting.

Unfortunately, we didn’t go any further than these 2 steps, because we have decided on preparing additional research (involving interviews with scientists) Nevertheless, we believe that good research& it’s analysis is crucial in order to discover the client’s needs.

Next workshop date: 18th December 🙂

Stay GEeky&Freaky!

IMG_7749 IMG_7747 IMG_7735 IMG_7759


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