Workshop vol.2

Dear All,

our 2nd workshop took place just before the XMAS break and it was quite a hard time for our team. We all wanted to leave for xmas, our marketing prof. invited everybody for after-class coffee, but WE- GEeks-had to work -.-

It was pretty stressy with timing, but nevertheless, we have managed to follow our plan in at least 75%… (which I assume as quite good, taking into consideration the xmas spirit all over Berlin)

What have we done then? We have closed our research with persona creation for example. It was actually super nice to finally meet mr. Helmut, 30 years old researcher from Munich, who is a crazy scientist in the field of Maschinenbau 🙂 

We have generated the whole story about him like who he is, where does he come from, what motivates him, what are his goals, how does his conduct his research and what relations does he have towards other people.  

Afterwards, we identified his needs, talked a bit more about him and created some insights. That led us to creation of a beautiful POV- Point of View, which would be an awesome start for Ideation Phase of our Project. 

Our next session gonna be conducted via Google Hangout. Keep following our blog in order to be familiar with newest outcomes! 

Stay GEeky&Freaky!




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