Project Plan

Have a look on our milestones project milestones under the link here (or type in order to get to know our project plan. If you are too lazy, our upcoming “events” go as follows:

18.12 Design Thinking Workshop II (HTW Berlin)/ aim: finishing the learning phase of design thinking: understand, observe and create the point of view   

26-29.12 Online team meetings (Google Hangout) /aim:  share the outcomes of last workshop with absent team members, ideation session, task distribution

8.01 1st Meeting after xmas break / sharing the finished work, working on final preentation& managment report/ ideation

13.01 2nd Meeting after xmas break-task division

15.01 Marketing Project Class: final presentation should be done!

22.01 Time Slot for team meeting if needed

29.01 Final Presentation of Managment Report (Makreting Class)


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