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#Sneak Preview

preview mail camp

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Google Hangout of GEeks

Google Hangout went fine today. Since not everybody showed up, we did not go as far as we wanted to go. Nevertheless, we had some fun with “special features” that Google+ offers like crazy hats or random cat faces, which I think had an impact on our creativity flow 😛  Thanks Jonas&Valerie for a great chat 🙂 we have decided on following meeting dates:

8.01 workshop Design Thinking #ideation and #prototyping

13.01 final task distribution and work on mgmt report 🙂

Stay GEeky&Freaky!

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GEeks are pleased to meet You!
We are 60% of a marketing project team from HTW Berlin.
Remaining 40% of our team is missing due to important business issues like ethics workshop, internship interview or maybe pure laziness.
Nevertheless, we still love them, cause since we are GEeks, we don’t have that much of friends.

What is our fantastic project about?

The aim of the project (that we are doing durning HTW Berlin marketing class) is to help one of the most amazing and powerful (and definitely better than for example Siemens) company-General Electric to promote their Innovations forum among the group of General public like bloggers, influencers and others.:)

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