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During our last group session on Wednesday 8th of January, we have divided final tasks among team members and started to work on the final concept of our project.  Each person got assigned to certain parts of the project and received quite a big homework.
Today I (Anna:) have met in the morning with Jonas to work on the marketing campaign creative concept, and actually it’s already 20:15, and we are still sitting at the university.

Nevertheless, we have created an amazing (in our opinion:) marketing campaign, that we can’t wait to show to you:)

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Happy Nikolaus Day!

Hey Guys,
Your GEEKs team would like to wish You happy Nikolaus Day!
We hope that You’ve been good kids this year and that Nikolaus is not gonna avoid Your home!

Some update on project side:
on 11th of December, we’re gonna meet for a workshop and gonna follow a creativity flow with design thinking method 🙂

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